Starting with the most recent, here is a history of uploads to our Photo Archive. Use this page to follow the latest images added to our on-line collections.


More additions to the Bill Kuba collection include Colorado & Southern steam and diesel:

Lake Superior & Ishpeming steam and diesel:

DSS&A/E&LS/Copper Range:

LSRHA board member Clint Jones has initiated donation of his B&W negatives taken in the 1960s and 1970s. Clint got his start on the Milwaukee Road in the mid-1960s, riding many passenger trains to visit relatives in the Upper Peninsula. He enjoyed special access to the shops at Milwaukee as an employee. We are pleased to present the first gallery of several to come in the future: The Milwaukee Road:

We were honored to be chosen as the new home of the John S. Ingles (father of famed railfan journalist J. David Ingles) photographic collection earlier this spring. We have scanned all of John’s B&W negatives and they are now on-line. John photographed mostly locomotives, but he used the postcard format early on and traveled extensively in the 1930s. In the future, there will be a few color slides to add, but for the most part, the collection is complete here. Over 1,000 images:

We are working on more Ritzman CB&Q, Kuba, Clint Jones and some new collections for the next upload.


Bruce Meyer’s Western Pacific collection is a smaller one, but contains some interesting views:

Glenn Guerra donated a significant collection of real photo postcards, press release photos, and older prints and negatives to Lake States several years ago. We have curated the collection for scanning and present it to you now. It contains many older builders photos, including a sales album used one hundred years ago. Thank you Glenn for making this donation:

The Bruce Black collection contains mostly newer roster photos of diesels. However, we recently uncovered a small cache of older slides of MILW electrics plus some B&W negatives of the SOO Line. Bruce was a quality photographer and we felt it was worthwhile to present them here:

We continue to work on the Kuba collection. Here are the latest selections:
Northern Pacific diesels and trains:

Lake Superior & Ishpeming steam and diesels:

Illinois Central diesels and trains:

And lastly, but not leastly, Ray Buhrmaster has donated the CB&Q negatives from the F.R. Ritzman collection. We have begun to scan these and integrate them into the existing Ritzman collection. We are thrilled to have these join Mr. Ritzman’s other work already scanned and thank Ray very much for his thoughtful donation. We have kicked this off with CB&Q structures. Here is the gallery with over 500 images:


CGW Steam Locomotives and Trains, 75 images, organized in numerical locomotive number. Mostly roster shots but a few action for good measure:

Rock Island Diesel Locomotives and Trains. Switchers are in a separate gallery, all organized in numerical locomotive number. A nice variety of over 500 images, with many photos taken in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa where Bill Kuba lived. There are also a large number of trader negatives. The photographer is identified in [brackets] if known:

A handful of postcard-size negatives were added to the GB&W Gallery:

D&RGW Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives and Trains. These are original negatives so there are many views not seen before, despite the wide and common coverage of the narrow gauge. We will be adding standard gauge steam to this gallery soon:

CStPM&O Locomotives and Trains. Nearly 120 images here, mostly steam. The few diesel images were moved from the C&NW gallery so that all the Omaha Road photos are now in one location:

There will be more Kuba galleries coming soon.

Lastly, we have a small addition to the Lee Hastman collection. We have found a few more boxes of prints in the Lee Hastman Collection. One had several folders of builders photos (prints), many mounted as cabinet cards. We present them here in a new gallery:

There will be more ICRR company photography coming soon.


Texas & Pacific steam engines were added to diesels. This gallery is now complete. A nice selection of handsome power over the years:

Early Baltimore & Ohio diesels are now complete. This includes first-generation models from the 1930s to late 1950s. We won’t be scanning anything more modern than that era at this time:

Steam and diesels of the Fort Worth & Denver are now complete. Not too many views, but this was a smaller arm of the Burlington empire:

CB&Q steam locomotives are complete. This is a large collection of over 450 images, arranged in numerical order by engine number. You can also search by class within the gallery:

There is a small collection of Canadian Pacific equipment from the 1950s, mostly work and tourist passenger equipment, all taken by Ernie Plant in the Vancouver area. Bill purchased or traded these negatives from Mr. Plant. There is a large quantity of CP steam negs also by Mr. Plant that will be scanned at a later date. For now though, you can enjoy these:

More Kuba material will be coming soon. Enjoy!


Here are the latest uploads, all from the William S. Kuba collection. The locomotive photographs are presented in numerical engine number as they were organized by Mr. Kuba.

A nice collection of first generation early Santa Fe diesels:

More early diesels, this time on the Missouri Pacific:

A mostly first generation era of diesels on the CB&Q:

And diesel switcher locomotives on the CB&Q:

We have also started a gallery of shortline/industrial/terminal railroads. Bill collected quite a variety of railroads, and there are many odds and ends within his collection. We will be adding more to this gallery in the future:

More to come soon.


More uploads from the William S. Kuba Collection. Milwaukee Road diesel locomotives and trains (switchers are in a separate gallery):

Steam locomotives have been added to the Minneapolis & St Louis gallery which now is complete. Some interesting older views here:

We have scanned early UP diesel locomotives plus some miscellaneous units:

Green Bay & Western and Ahnapee & Western steam and diesel locomotives and trains:

Steam locomotives have been added to the Gulf Mobile & Ohio gallery. It is now complete:


We are pleased to announce a new collection of photographs. William S. Kuba donated his B&W negative collection to Lake States in 2013. It is a large collection of over 40,000 negatives of U.S. railroads, steam and diesel eras, with emphasis on the Midwest. Bill lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We have begun work on some area roads and others of interest and will be adding more in the near future. Our focus is on steam and first generation diesel up to the 1970s. Later era diesels will not be scanned at this time.

The main collection is here:

C&NW road diesels are finished. They are here:

Bill purchased a series of postcard size negatives from a Cedar Rapids local photographer by the name of Joseph Sleger. These date from the 1930s and 1940s and feature some great action views. The vast majority are C&NW which are in a gallery by themselves. Other roads such as Rock Island will be integrated in with the main collection.

C&NW is here:

Rock Island is here (main collection photos will be added to this gallery later):

Bill mostly photographed and collected locomotives and trains. There is however a collection of interesting structure photos.

C&NW is here:

Other roads are here:

Bill’s early photography featured more candid scenes around the Cedar Rapids area. He was 13-15 years old at the time. We are calling these “snapshot scenes.” We have finished the C&NW negatives, they are featured here:


The Phil Weibler Rock Island wooden/heavyweight passenger car gallery is now complete. There are 450 photos here:

Also check out the Bruce Meyer ICRR steam locomotive galleries as we have completed nearly 800 images there. Sometime in the future, we will return to scan more of these:

We have redesigned our website and now have a new page to introduce you to our On-Line Photo Archive. Here is the link:

Photo Archive Page


The Clint Jones Collection is a new addition that will be growing in the future. So far we have some miscellanous images, most notably a small group of Soo Line negatives by Virgil Jackson taken at North Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

The biggest addition of late is the Rock Island Mechanical Dept. files, donated by Phil Weibler. We have begun scanning the photos in this collection, which are numerous. These were files that were kept at Silvis until the mid-1960s when they were discarded. Luckily, Phil intercepted them before they hit the garbage dumpster. So far we have finished everything except the Rock Island’s passenger cars, which are currently in progress. Lots to see here:

Some RPPC’s from Dave Conrad have been added to Misc. gallery:

One color cabinet card in Misc gallery:

Some 30 eastern road miscellaneous view added to Misc. gallery:

And lastly, we have begun scanning Illinois Central steam locomotives in the Bruce Meyer Collection. We will work on these intermittently as there is a large quantity. We will concentrate on Bruce’s own views which include some interesting action scenes and detail photos. Over 400 have been finished so far. There will be some more added here in the next week or so.


About 1,353 photos (not quite 1,385) have been added.

Bruce Meyer:

D&RGW narrow gauge:

D&RGW standard gauge:

ICRR Passenger trains:

ICRR Freight trains:

NKP Locomotives (mostly steam):

Lee Hastman C&EI:


CB&Q Fairmont Speeders:

and two photos were added under “prints:”


It’s been awhile since the last notice of an upload. We’ve been busy, but on major projects so it takes awhile to accumulate enough of a group of photos to say they are done. Tonight is one such occasion. We are pleased to announce that the Lee Hastman collection of ICRR Company Photography (prints) is now ready for public viewing, nearly 1,400 photos:

A very few of these are already seen in the 8×10 glass plate and sheet film galleries, but the rest are new to the site.

Also, we have finished the Lee Hastman ICRR steam locomotive (prints) collection which can be seen here:

These are mostly older photographs, some interesting views.


This time around it is Bruce Meyer. The following have been finished.

NKP Locomotives (more steam will be coming soon), 170 negs:

South Shore, 69 negs:

Added more to North Shore, 77 negs total:

Shortlines (more will be added to this down the road), only 12 negs for now:

added more to GB&W, now up to 120 total negs:

C&NW Locomotives, 146 negs:

C&NW Trains and Equipment, 192 negs:

Plus there are new galleries for the following roads starting out with a small number of negs and will have more added down the road: GTW, MP, WAB, WP.


Here are the latest uploads, mostly minor stuff and odds and ends.

Added 36 negs (including three glass plates) to the Phil Weibler Misc gallery:

Added 18 photos to the Lee Hastman ICRR Structures/Scenes gallery:

Added 3 RPPC’s from Lee Hastman in the Misc RPPC Gallery:

Added 4 copy negs to Lee Hastman ICRR steam:

The following are new galleries in the Lee Hastman collection:

PCC&StL Brighton Park IL cabinet cards (45 images):

NKP (47 images):

Chicago Passenger Terminals (51 images):

If you want to see the latest uploads in a gallery, the best way is to go to the gallery, then do a search for a word you know will be in all the files (e.g. “neg” or “hastman”) and then select Sort By: Newest.


This latest batch is from the Bruce Meyer collection, over 900 photos added. The new galleries are:


Omaha Road

GM&O, structures, trains, and locomotives

Rock Island passenger trains

Illinois Terminal (old photos from 1920s)

North Shore (old photos, some glass plates)

Photos were added to the following existing galleries:

GB&W (4 freight shots with an Alco FA)

GTW Trains (5 pics)

Here is the link to the main Bruce Meyer page:


We are pleased to announce the next batch of uploads. We have been concentrating on the Lee Hastman collection of late. We just finished his Illinois Central material, mostly traders and purchased B&W negatives in a wide range of time periods and subjects. There are 9 separate ICRR galleries by subject, a total of about 1,000 images. You can access them from the main Lee Hastman page here:

Also note that C&NW and CMO are complete, in case I didn’t get the word out on those earlier. Will keep you all posted on further uploads as they are completed.


Here’s our latest weekly upload to keep you from going coronavirus crazy: Ohio Falls and AC&F gallery, thanks to generous donation from Glenn Guerra. Enjoy!


Here’s the latest on new uploads. The Bruce Meyer collection is ready for public unveiling. There’s nearly 800 images now uploaded. There will be many more in the future, this is just a small part of the collection that is housed as Baraboo. We will continue to curate selections that we think will be of interest to the community. You can view it here:

We have also added more CB&Q images in the Lee Hastman collection in two new galleries titled Passenger Equipment and Cabooses/Work Equipment. Some metadata has been added to the existing Steam and Diesel galleries, and the “Other” gallery has been totally redone. View here: