Starting with the most recent, here is a history of uploads to our Photo Archive. Use this page to follow the latest images added to our on-line collections.


The following new galleries are in the E.G. Baker Collection.

Railroads starting with K thru M (103 images):

Milwaukee Road (24 images):

We have begun work on the historic collection of images of the Missouri & Arkansas railroad, taken and collected by E.G. Baker. The M&A was the third try at operating a railroad across northern Arkansas through rough topography and a tough economic climate. Baker photographed every locomotive, and most every piece of equipment. He didn’t roam far from Harrison, Arkansas where he lived, as transportation independent of the railroad was no doubt difficult in the 1930s. But he pressed on, attempting to document the struggling railroad. We will be maintaining his organization of the images and have completed the steam locomotives (mostly roster photos). There may be similar views here, but we feel it was important to show nearly all of them as you can track the slow deterioration of some of the engines as they sat in the deadline. Here is the link to the locomotives to get us started:

More work has been completed on the Bill Raia Collection. 8 images have been added to Freight Cars: 2 images added to Cabooses: Traction subjects have been moved to a new gallery:

The following Bill Raia galleries are all-new:

NC&StL (102 images):

Norfolk Southern Railroad (49 images):

NYO&W (94 images):

NYS&W (35 images):

A few new items have been added to the Lee Hastman Collection. 20 real photo postcards and 1 cabinet card can be viewed here:

Some more negatives were found in the Henry E. Balinski Collection and have been scanned. This time around, we should be complete on the Henry E. Balinski Collection.

51 images added to existing B&O:

36 images added to existing N&W:

28 images added to existing C&NW:

5 images added to existing GTW:

The passenger car galleries (organized by type) have been completed for the John S. Ingles collection as follows.

18 new images have been added to the existing Parlor-Lounge Gallery including one diner:

5 new images have been added to the existing Work Service Gallery:

All-new Dome Car gallery (42 images):

All-new Sleeper Car gallery (130 images):

In the Drawings Department, we have completed many scans from our collections, mostly from the Lee Hastman Collection, with some additional material from Phil Weibler.

CR&IP Steam (3 images):

CRI&P Passenger Cars (added 14 images):

Other Railroads (added 20 images):

Illinois Central railroad has been split up into separate categories that include….

Logos and Lettering:

Freight Cars and Cabooses:

Passenger Cars (67 new images):

Passenger Car Diagrams (68 new images):


Structures and Maps:

Thrall Freight Cars have been added to an all-new gallery (30 images):

10 images have been added to the SOO Gallery:

7 Cedar Rapids depot drawings added to Frost & Granger Gallery:

Added 30 images to Suppliers & Vendors gallery:

New BCR&N Gallery has been started as we anticipate more BCR&N drawings scanned in the future:


Here’s the latest upload information. Lots of odds and ends, and additions to existing collections. We now have over 90,000 images and drawings on-line.

The following galleries have been added to the E.G. Baker collection.

Frisco (271 images):

Monon/CI&L (146 images):

Missouri Pacific (80 images):

Lehigh Valley (24 images):

Mobile & Ohio (31 images):

Missouri-Kansas-Texas (39 images):

Corydon added to Ferdinand gallery (39 images):

L&JB added to K&IT (24 images):

We’ll continue working through the alphabet on the E.G. Baker collection.

Meanwhile, more progress is being made on the William A. Raia collection, also progressing through the alphabet for shortlines and smaller railroads. The following existing galleries have been added to:

Work Equipment (7 added images):

Freight Equipment (5 added images):

The following William A. Raia galleries are all-new:

Missouri-Illinois (a MP subsidiary, 48 images):

Michigan Central (21 images):

Maryland & Pennsylvania (29 images):

Manchester & Oneida (11 images):

Shortlines starting with “M” (164 images):

Montour and Monongahela (33 images):

We are pleased to unveil the first of the Fairbanks Morse Collection diesel locomotive builders and PR photos. We will work on these by railroad over the next several months, concluding with shop views of locomotives under construction at the Beloit plant. Here is a link to the completed galleries thus far (186 images):

Lastly for photos this month, we are happy to report that work has been completed on the Henry E. Balinski Collection. Over 4,300 B&W and color images total have been scanned and uploaded since last summer. To finish up this project, we scanned various miscellaneous topics, a smaller number of medium format color negatives, and some odds and ends 35mm color slides for a total of 400 images mostly added to existing galleries. Some of these may have had only a few images added. In the past, we’ve had visitors ask how they can find the most recent additions to existing galleries. The best way to do this when viewing in smugmug is to go to the gallery you wish to view, perform a search for a word you know will appear in every image’s metadata (e.g. the collection’s name, or the accession number), then when the results appear, select “Sort by Newest.” This will then force the most recent uploads to the top of the search. Here’s a list of the larger groups that were added to existing galleries in the Henry E. Balinski Collection. Almost all of these are color images:

Union Pacific (16 images):

B&O/C&O/PM (30 images):

CB&Q Steam (6 images):

CB&Q Steam Fantrips (35 images):

CB&Q diesel color (5 images, these are all at the end of the gallery):

Industrial (49 images):

Shortlines (25 images):

Miscellaneous (19 images):

CNS&M (7 B&W images):

D&RGW color (6 images):

D&RGW B&W (15 images):

GTW (29 images):

CNR/CP (30 images):

NKP (15 images):

GN/NP/SOO (11 images):

Great Western (9 images):

Norfolk & Western (25 images):

DM&IR/D&NE (32 images):

PRR (6 images):

B&M/B&A/RDG/EL/CNJ/RUT/VGN (4 images):

EJ&E (4 images):

CGW/C&IM/MON/TP&W (4 images):

ACL/SAL/FEC/SBD/CoG (3 images):

We are working on Some new drawing scans have been added to the Drawings Gallery. These include:

10 drawings added to the existing Other Roads gallery:

12 drawings added to C&NW Steam gallery:

69 C&NW Crossing Protection Maps and index added. This completes this gallery:

A new Illinois Central drawings gallery has been added that includes equipment, lettering diagrams, some buildings, and maps. More will be added to this in the next couple months (48 drawings so far):

Please note that we are presenting drawings on smugmug for research and viewing purposes only. Downloads and prints of drawings are not available through smugmug. Their printing vendors will crop images that do not have the same aspect ratio as the pre-selected paper sizes. We currently are reviewing our existing drawing order services that are offered on our Document Database page at More uploads will be announced in about a month.


We are proud to announce the introduction of the William A. Raia Collection of steam and diesel negatives. This large collection includes shortlines and some larger roads such as CNJ, DL&W, SP, MP, NYC, and PRR. Bill was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and spent 45 years working for the Soo Line Railroad. He had a fascination with railroading and started photographing trains at a young age. During the early 1960s, Bill began trading and collecting negatives. Over the next 45 years, Bill accumulated one of the largest steam negative collections in the country. He had a strong passion for railroad imagery, also selling prints from his collection at train shows, and was well known throughout our community. Images from the collection have appeared in numerous magazines and books.

Most of the steam material from Bill’s collection was purchased from Charles T. Felstead, another well known Chicago-area photographer-collector. Through Charles, other notable photographers’ negatives have been brought into the fold, including R.J. Foster (he shot postcard size negatives), Harold K. Vollrath, Harold Van Horn, R.H. Kennedy, and Paul Eilenberger, to name a few. The steam side consists mostly of roster photographs, while the diesel portion contains roster, plus some equipment, structures, and scenes. We have begun scanning the shortline material in alphabetical order, plus additional selected larger roads. If the photographer is known, they are indicated in [brackets] within the metadata. About 2,000 negatives have been completed thus far, bringing us through the letter “L” in the alphabet. We thank Bill’s sons Mike and Tony for this generous donation of historic railroad imagery. The William A. Raia Collection can be viewed starting at this link:

We are pleased to present another new large collection of photography we have recently begun to work on. Edward Garrett Baker (??-1988), who preferred to be referred to by his first and middle initials, was a railroad photographer prolific in the 1930s and 1940s, concentrating mostly on steam locomotives and trains. His last known photography was of the American Freedom Train in 1976. E.G. grew up in Harrison, Arkansas where he documented the ups and downs of the Missouri & Arkansas railroad during the Great Depression. His work figured prominently in the book “The North Arkansas Line” published by Howell-North in 1969. Author James Fair called Baker “the REAL historian of the North Arkansas.”

Baker moved to Louisville in his adult life where he worked as an agent of the Washington National Life Insurance Company and was active in the local railfan community. He traveled modestly, photographing railroads across the U.S., but his heavy concentration was in Arkansas and the Louisville areas. E.G. shot postcard format with a high quality camera. He was also published in TRAINS magazine in its early days. He did trade or purchase 116/616 size negatives extensively, most notably with a person by the name of William L. Greenaway, also of Louisville.

E.G. Baker’s negatives were eventually passed on to friend Ernie Gibson. Gibson’s son Steve, a Southern engineer and fireman on N&W 611, ended up with the collection. Brother-in-law and LSRHA member Rory Peterson recently received the E.G. Baker collection from Steve and immediately donated it to Lake States. We have begun scanning and processing, working through the collection in alphabetical order by railroad. Completion will take some time as there is believed to be over 4,000 negatives taken by Baker. Lake States thanks Steven Gibson and Rory Peterson for preserving this historic collection of steam-era railroading and giving Lake States the challenge to digitize and preserve it for future generations. The E.G. Baker Collection (700 images uploaded thus far) can be viewed starting at this link:

Meanwhile, more work has been completed on the Henry E. Balinski Collection as follows.

CB&Q Diesels in color (356 images):

CB&Q Steam Fantrips (233 images in B&W and color):

Steam locomotive color images have been added to the existing CB&Q Steam Gallery (61 images):

Steam locomotive color images have been added to the exiting C&S Gallery (16 images):

On the drawings side, we have added over 250 drawings to our collections. Here is the latest. Copper Range Railroad has been reorganized and expanded with 4 new categories:

Copper Range Railroad Buildings:

Copper Range Railroad Maps:

Copper Range Railroad Equipment:

Copper Range Railroad Track Structures:

We have begun scanning some select drawings in our Fairbanks Morse Collection. These are original drawings from FM, contained within our collections:

FM Locomotives (General):

FM Paint and Lettering:

FM Other (railroad scales, etc.):

A few other new categories have been added as we process a few of our drawings collections. CRI&P Gas-Electric Motorcar 9090 (built by Standard Steel), donated by Phil Weibler:

Standard Steel Car Co. general drawings of early steel freight cars:

Suppliers and Vendors (most of these were received with Copper Range material from Mark Shebuski several years ago):

We are continuing work on the photo collections above plus a few more. See you in a month. Happy New Year!


One more gallery of Bill Kuba action photographs has been completed. This time it is the CB&Q (105 images), which can be viewed here:

Two new galleries have been added to the Henry Balinski Collection:

D&RGW (135 images):

Union Pacific (209 images):

More photographs have been added to the Passenger Car coach gallery in the John S. Ingles Collection (127 images). This gallery is now complete:

An all-new gallery of business type passenger cars has also been added to the John S. Ingles Collection (234 images):

We are pleased to announce that the Piersen-Kamacher Collection is now public. Joe Piersen and John Kamacher were both volunteers for the C&NW Historical Society for many years. C&NWHS has donated their non-C&NW material to various historical societies. Lake States was chosen to receive their Rock Island photography. John Kamacher’s mostly B&W work will be scanned soon. We have completed Joe Piersen’s Rock Island slides. You can view them here (215 images):

Another new collection is now public. Ron Sims is a longtime Des Moines, Iowa-based historian and photographer who has strong interest in shortlines and smaller motive power (aka critters). Dana Grefe has donated Ron’s research files and photography on these subjects to Lake States. While Ron did do some photography of his own, the material we have received is mostly traders or purchased negatives. We have scanned most all of them and original photographers are noted in [brackets] in the metadata when known. You can view the entire collection at this link (526 images):

Although no new images have been added, we have completely re-organized and also improved the quality of many of the scans in the Ed Wilkommen Freight Car Collection. When we originally uploaded these several years ago, they were all placed in one big gallery. The subject matter has been very popular. To make it more easily navigable, we have separated the photos into galleries by car type. You can view them here (1,670 images):

We will have two new collections to introduce in January. Until then, Happy Holidays!


When we received the J.David Ingles Collection last year, it also included a considerable amount of material from Dave’s father John S. Ingles. Both traveled together at times, resulting in duplicate or similar slides taken of some subjects. Additionally, John and David regularly traded slides with each other. As a result, with the exception of John’s early PC B&W negatives and later vacation slides, many of his 35mm color slides were merged with Dave’s collection. When we scanned the JDI passenger car slides nearly a year ago, they were sorted and presented grouped by railroad. John’s own collection included an additional two Logan trays of passenger car slides, but John had organized these by car type. We have begun working our way through these and are presenting them under the John S. Ingles collection umbrella as they were originally assembled by him. So far 775 images have been uploaded. There may be a few here that will look familiar as duplicates exist between John and Dave’s passenger car collections. You can view the new John S. Ingles Passenger Car Collection at this link:

More photos have been added to the Clint Jones Collection as follows. 14 images were added to the existing C&NW gallery that can be viewed here:

The following galleries are all-new in the Clint Jones Collection:

North Shore (29 images):

GB&W/E&LS/H&NE (27 images):

Miscellaneous Roads (58 images):

We have completed scanning of many more action negatives in the Bill Kuba Collection. The following existing galleries have had new images added:

C&NW Action (106 images added):

ICRR Action (25 images added):

C&S (4 images added to the main Colorado & Southern gallery, they appear at the beginning):

The following Bill Kuba action galleries are all-new:

AT&SF Action (63 images, including Stan Kistler trader steam negatives):

Milwaukee Road Action (108 images):

Rock Island Action (116 images):

We’ve made much progress on the Henry Balinski Collection. Following are additions and new galleries as noted:

CB&Q Steam, all-new (296 images):

4 EBT images added to exisiting Other Narrow Gauge gallery:

Existing NKP gallery has 2 new B&W NKP, 21 color NKP, and 3 W&LE B&W images added. We have re-titled the gallery “NKP/W&LE” but the link previously published has remained unchanged. It can be viewed here:

8 images have been added to the Other Traction gallery:

7 images of the Southern Railway have been added to the existing N&W gallery that has been retitled “N&W/Southern”. It can be viewed at this link:

Added 6 images to the existing NYC gallery:

Color photos have been added to the following existing galleries:

CNR (27 color images added):

GTW (18 color images added):

B&O (15 color images added):

The following Henry Balinski galleries are all-new. We have opted to group geographically-adjacent, or merger-adjacent roads together into several galleries rather than putting them all in one big miscellaneous gallery.

ACL/SAL/FEC/SBD/CoG (60 images):

B&M/B&A/RDG/EL/CNJ/RUT/VGN (20 images):

C&EI/BRC/C&WI/EJ&E/IHB (19 images):

CGW/C&IM/Monon/TP&W (24 images):

Wabash (40 images):

SP/T&NO/NWP (17 images):

Shortlines (54 images):

Industrials (14 images):

Great Western (12 images):

D&TI/TRRA/L&M (22 images):

SLSF/MKT/KCS/SSW (29 images):


Here’s this month’s uploads from Lake States. More images have been added to the Henry E. Balinski collection as follows.

CB&Q diesel locomotives and trains (386 images):

CB&Q Equipment (passenger, freight cars, work equipment, cabooses) 120 images:

CB&Q Structures and Scenes (64 images):

Pennsy (89 images):

We have begun scanning color slides taken by Henry Balinski and adding these to existing galleries. New color images are in the following galleries:

ATSF (51 color added):

CRI&P (29 color added):

North Shore (73 color added):

Other Traction (38 color added):

Work has started on scanning action scenes in the Bill Kuba collection. Bill organized these by railroad. We are doing these in batches. There may be more images to add later for the bigger roads. Here is what is uploaded thus far to get you started.

GN diesels (22 images):

NP steam (11 images):

DMIR and D&NE (66 images):

C&NW (48 images, there will be more in the future):

ICRR (56 images, there be more in the future):

Added M&StL action (11 images) to existing folder:

Added NP diesel action (30 images) to existing folder:

Lake States has a substantial number of railroad drawings contained within our collections. These include original and blueprint versions of drawings of structures, steam locomotives, equipment, ROW maps, station maps, and more from various railroads such as C&NW, CStPM&O, Milwaukee Road, Copper Range, DSS&A, Rock Island, and more. Over 77,000 drawings may be searched using our on-line database search engine. We have discussed how to make these accessible online for research purposes. A large format scanner is being used to scan select drawings of interest. We have established a Drawings Gallery on our on-line archive to present them for research purposes. At this time, prints or downloads are not available. We will be adding more drawings to this gallery over time. You can view it here:


Here are the latest uploads from Lake States. This month we are proud to announce two new collections.

Lake States member Ralph Wehlitz has donated his B&W negatives. We have completed scanning and processing and now present his collection. Ralph Wehlitz’s interest in railroads was nurtured at an early age. Growing up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, he frequently rode his bike down to the C&NW’s lakefront engine terminal to observe steam locomotives in action. At age 11, he took his first photographs using a Kodak camera. The Milwaukee Road’s fast Hiawatha trains heading west from Milwaukee were also a frequent subject. He graduated from high school in 1942 and worked for Packard until drafted on May 1, 1943. After sustaining an injury during WWII, he attended college in Madison, Wisconsin and took on teaching as a career. After a three-year stint in Mellen, Wisconsin, he moved to Merrill in 1954 to teach English and social studies. Ralph finished his teaching career there and still resides in his home where he has built an impressive model railroad layout. Ralph’s photography throughout the 1950s, 60s, and 70s was driven by his desire to document prototype examples that he could model in HO scale. Many of his photos include buildings, scenes, and outlying industries with heavy concentration on Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Ralph’s negatives are mostly 35mm with some 616 format. The collection of 2,056 images are organized mostly by railroad with metadata. Thank you Ralph for donating your photography for all to enjoy! You can view the entire collection at this link:

In July of 2022, Henry Balinski donated negatives and color slides taken by his father Henry E. “Hank” Balinski (1941-2016) who was born and raised in Chicago. He became a railfan after he received a Lionel set as a child. Hank began photographing Midwest railroads in the late 1950s with a 35mm Nikon F-1 and quickly changed over to a Graflex Speed Graphic 4×5 camera. He shot color and B&W in tandem to document the last of steam and fantrips, but also turned to equipment and structures, particularly of his favorite railroad CB&Q. Hank also documented nearly every EMD FT diesel on the CB&Q before they were retired. Hank loved the Q fantrips where he rode or followed every one that operated. Hank also acquired older negatives of many various railroads by trading with other photographers. He stopped shooting in 1970 with the formation of the Burlington Northern. Hank was a machinist and mold-maker by trade and was one of the first to develop CNC machining in the late 1960s. He moved to Detroit and Canada, eventually returning to Lindenhurst. In his later years, he applied his machinist skills to build a ¼ scale operating railroad on his 9-acre property in rural Kenosha. The main motive power is a beautifully constructed live steam CB&Q 4-4-0 accompanied by finely crafted freight cars and a wood caboose. We plan to scan his entire collection of about 4,000 negatives, including the traders, and 700 color slides. As of now, about 60% of the negatives have been scanned. We are pleased to introduce the Henry E. Balinski collection with 1,395 images completed thus far. You may view it at this link:

Another batch of “Snapshot Scenes” by Bill Kuba have been uploaded. This time it is the Milwaukee Road. View the gallery at this link (206 images):

And lastly, we have uploaded 61 new images to the J. David Ingles collection. Most of these were taken by or collected by Dave’s dad John S. Ingles. The topic is shops, roundhouses, water tanks, and other related structures. The gallery may be viewed at this link:

We are continuing work on the Balinski, Kuba, and Ingles collections, and will have one new collection to introduce in about a month. Enjoy!


NOTE: We have recently noticed that smugmug is applying a watermark to thumbnail images that have been uploaded in the last month. We are in communication with smugmug to fix this issue. Here are this month’s uploads. We are pleased to announce the completion of the original Lee Hastman B&W negative collection that was donated to Lake States in 2010. There are over 6,570 images now in this collection. Following are existing galleries that have had images added:

10 images added to L&N:

4 images added to C&O:

2 images added to EJ&E. Here are direct links to the individual images:

2 images of wooden passenger cars added to C&NW. Here are direct links to the individual images:

12 new images in the PRR gallery:

24 new images in the ICRR Structures and Scenes gallery:

The following Lee Hastman galleries are all-new. Some have just a few images for each railroad so they have been grouped together for efficiency:

Frisco/SSW/KCS (76 images):

Monon/TP&W/P&E/P&PU (37 images):

CNJ/D&H/RF&P (32 images):

C&IW/CSL/CWP&S/IN/IH&IR (12 images):

Missouri-Kansas-Texas (81 images):

Shortlines/Industrial/Misc (105 images):

DOT & Demonstrator Diesel Locomotives (72 images):

Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee (202 images):

Chicago South Shore & South Bend (75 images):

Other Traction (66 images):

In our Miscellaneous Gallery we have added 4 Glass Plate negatives. Here is the link to the entire gallery:

We are pleased to present an entirely new gallery of 1,668 high quality images scanned from original postcard-size (mostly) negatives. Ray Buhrmaster has donated the Holman Braden collection to Lake States and we have completed scanning and uploading of the entire collection. Holman Braden (1909-1995) grew up in a railroad family. His father was Division Superintendent of C&NW’s Nelson-South Pekin, Illinois line. Holman went to college at Bradley University in Peoria to earn a Civil engineering degree while living in Pekin. He then hired on the C&NW as a division engineer, working at many locations in Wisconsin such as Green Bay and Antigo. He eventually transferred to the western lines, based at Norfolk, Nebraska. His career path is reflected in his photography, with heavy coverage of C&NW, Omaha Road, as well as substantial CB&Q and UP subjects near where he lived and worked. Holman shot almost exclusively postcard-size negatives with several cameras. After he retired, he stayed in the area, residing in Norfolk. The entire gallery can be viewed starting here:

Larry Foht recently donated some 270 miscellaneous F.R. Ritzman negatives that have a mysterious history. Most of these negatives appear to have some damage to them or other inferior condition. Many are very old and are believed to be some of the first railroad photographs Ritzman took. We have speculated that these were discarded or sold by Ritzman many years ago. They eventually passed through several unknown collectors and finally were acquired by Larry Foht. He has in turn donated these to Lake States so they can rejoin the rest of Mr. Ritzman’s negatives at Baraboo. There was no data with these so the images were reviewed by our metadata staff including Ray Buhrmaster, to help identify locations and subject. Some previous negative scans have been moved to a new gallery to join these latest new additions. They all can be viewed here:

Lastly, we have added another new gallery to the J. David Ingles Collection. Images of switches, yards, switchstands, crossing gates and other track structures and scenes can be viewed at this link:

We’re currently working on a few new collections and additions to existing ones. Stay tuned for our next upload announcement in about a month. Thank you for your support and enjoy!


Here are the latest uploads. We’re saddened to receive word that Harry Evans passed away this morning. Our condolences to his family. As a fitting tribute, we are pleased to announce that the Harry Evans Collection is now complete. There are 4,457 images total uploaded. We are entirely grateful to Harry’s kindness and dedication to preserving his wonderful collection of railroading. New images have been added to the following existing galleries:

Chicago Burlington & Quincy (over 250 new images):

Added E&LS and Copper Range (15 images) to existing LS&I Gallery so that these roads are grouped together:

The following galleries are all-new:

CB&Q Steam Fantrips (288 images):

Miscellaneous Roads:

Freight Cars:



Quincy & Torch Lake/Reader Railroad:


Two small galleries have been added to the Bill Kuba Collection. Over a year ago we unveiled what we were calling “Snapshot Scenes” that covered the C&NW. These were Bill’s early photography of candid scenes, mostly around the Cedar Rapids area when he was 13-15 years old. There are several more railroads he photographed in this time period. We will continue to work through these as we find time. But for now, we’re pleased to present two more “Snapshot” roads. Metadata is minimal on these as the negatives were found in bulk inside envelopes with no accompanying information.

Rock Island Snapshot Scenes:

CB&Q Snapshot Scenes:

Work continues on the J. David Ingles Collection. Here are two new galleries:

TRRA (229 images):

Railroad bridges and related scenes (109 images):

Our next concentration will be on a few more themed groups and then more passenger cars organized by type. Eventually we will get back to the shortlines and Rock Island.

Work on the Lee Hastman B&W negatives is drawing to a close. We have completed scanning and are currently working on metadata and Photoshop clean-up. The following existing galleries have had new images add as indicated:

ACL, Central of Georgia, and FEC added to:

31 new images have been added to ICRR diesels:

13 new images have been added to GTW:

A handful of DW&P images have been added to CP/CN/CV:

Dozens of new B&O and C&O images have been added to their existing gallery:

The following Lee Hastman galleries are ALL-NEW:

D&RGW/WP (75 images):

Illinois Terminal (Traction, 72 images):

GM&O (61 images):

SOO/GB&W (34 images):

Southern Pacific (90 images):

Great Northern Work Equipment (209 images):

Southern and N&W (40 images):

Santa Fe (108 images):

Rock Island (100 images):

Missouri Pacific (191 images):\

Union Pacific (88 images):

New York Central (188 images):

Pennsylvania Railroad (154 images):

B&M/Rutland/Reading/BAR/MEC (108 images);

New Haven/WM/Monongahela/NS/Clinchfield (83 images):

Boston & Albany (NYC) Steam (46 images):

We plan to finish off the Lee Hastman Collection next month and will also have some exciting new collections to share. In the meantime, enjoy!


Here’s the latest uploads. We are getting close to finishing the Harry Evans color slide collection. All that is left to complete are CB&Q steam fantrips and miscellaneous smaller roads. With that said, following are the latest new galleries for Harry Evans’ color slide collection to bring us up to date:

Duluth & Northeastern:

Nickel Plate:

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range:

Northwestern Steel & Wire in Sterling, Illinois:

Although Lake States did not receive the main collection of freight cars in the J. David Ingles Collection, there were some odds and ends that were found during our sorting of the collection, plus views of special loads, a few old wooden boxcars, and company semi trailers. Dave’s father John also photographed freight trains in yards, close-ups of freight car details and trucks, and general yard scenes. These have all been grouped together into a single gallery of Freight Cars and Equipment. 255 images:

Another group of mixed equipment has been created. These are images generally of work equipment of all types, maintenance-of-way, hi-rail, former passenger cars in work service, scale test cars, cranes, ex steam locomotive tenders, etc. Most of these were organized and categorized by Dave’s father John, but they have been grouped together in the J. David Ingles Collection. You can view these at this link (307 images):

From the Bill Kuba Collection, a large group of negatives have been uploaded. These are the Milwaukee Road steam locomotives on 116/616 and smaller negatives and have been added to the existing gallery of larger-size negatives that was uploaded earlier. This group is now complete with over 1,000 Milwaukee Road steam images. Of interest is the fact that there is a large number of these (over 270 negatives) that pre-date the 1938 renumbering. Many images contain scenes of the locomotive’s surroundings, passenger and freight trains, and other sights. Give them a look and you might find a few surprises. The images are presented in numerical order by engine number. You can also search by locomotive class, as that information is included in metadata for each image:

We have made great progress on the Lee Hastman Collection’s B&W negatives. A few years ago, all the negatives were separated out from the main collection and sorted by railroad by Paul Swanson and Jim Singer (see July 2020 issue of Lake States News). Since then, as time has allowed, the negatives have been scanned railroad by railroad. These are a mix of images taken by Lee, plus traders, and outright purchased negatives. Before Lee passed away in 2011, he spent much time on ebay seeking out and purchasing negatives. When his collection arrived at Lake States, many of these were still in the envelopes he received from the sellers. Paul and Jim went through all the envelopes and pulled the negatives to add to the sorted groups. Fast forward to today, we are now over half way through this vast and eclectic collection. Aside from the usual roster photos, there is an occasional gem and surprise. Perhaps an action photo, a shop scene, a view from the cab of a locomotive, or an older view. Scanning these has been an exercise in discovery. We invite you to discover them too. You never know what you might find next! Following are the new galleries (some railroads have been grouped together to keep the number of galleries down, subjects within are generally organized as steam, diesel, then equipment, in numerical road number order):

Great Northern Passenger Cars:




Northern Pacific:






We will continue work on the above collections and more. Look for the next update in about a month. We now have 70,000 images on-line in our archive.


Here’s the latest uploads. More progress has been made on the Harry Evans Collection. We now estimate 66% of Harry’s work has been uploaded so far. Here are the newest galleries:



Grand Trunk Western (220 images):

Illinois Terminal:

Midland Electric Coal Co. (54 images):

Missouri Pacific:

St. Louis streetcars (PCC):


Rock Island:

D&RGW (162 images):

Union Pacific:

More work has been completed on the Lee Hastman negatives collection, specifically Great Northern. The only railroad with more negatives in Lee’s collection than GN is the Illinois Central. We have passenger cars to finish yet. Here’s what’s new this month:

GN Locomotives and Trains (107 images):

GN Structures (55 images):

GN Freight Cars and Cabooses (166 images):

And lastly for this month, more progress has been made on the J. David Ingles Collection as follows.

Added 169 images to Misc. Class I’s:

Added 5 images to KCS passenger cars:

All-New Florida East Coast gallery (29 images):

All-New NYS&W gallery (58 images):

We’re continuing work on all the above collections plus a new one or two. Enjoy, and stay tuned!


Here are the latest uploads. Much progress has been made on Harry Evans’ collection of original 35mm photography. New railroads are as follows:

Milwaukee Road (175 images)

C&NW (428 images)

Great Northern and Northern Pacific (67 images)

South Shore (54 images)

B&O and C&O (124 images)

Santa Fe (44 images)

Hillsboro & Northeastern (16 images)

L&N (28 images)

CNR/CP/DW&P (96 images)

North Shore (614 images)

Ray Buhrmaster has donated a collection of about 265 B&W negatives of various sizes taken by Donald Kotz in the 1940s and 1950s. Not much is known about Mr. Kotz other than he lived in Kenosha, Wisconsin and enjoyed photographing primarily the C&NW, but also other Midwest area roads. His photography is of excellent quality. All have been uploaded. They can be viewed at this link:

More negatives have been scanned in the Bill Kuba Collection. The C&NW’s steam locomotive numbering system was all over the map with some classes of locomotives not having contiguous numbers (the R-1 class is a prime example). The negatives are organized in numerical order by engine number, but have been split into four groups to ease searching:

C&NW Freight Steam Locomotives (232 images)

C&NW Passenger Steam Locomotives (220 images)

C&NW Switcher Steam Locomotives (99 images)

C&NW 4-6-0 Steam Locomotives (105 images)

More postcard-size negatives have been scanned in the Bill Kuba Collection. ICRR Steam completed thus far can be seen at this link (91 postcard negs scanned; negatives 4×5 and smaller will be scanned and added at a later date):

Kuba postcard-size Milwaukee Road Steam completed thus far can be seen at this link (110 postcard negs scanned; negatives 4×5 and smaller will be scanned and added later this summer):

Bill Kuba Collection negatives of turbine locomotives have been scanned and can be seen at this link (19 images):

Bill Kuba Collection negatives of motorcars (i.e. gas-electrics) and RDC’s have been scanned and can be seen at this link (92 images):

More Lee Hastman Collection negatives have been scanned and uploaded, this time of the EJ&E, BRC, IHB, and C&WI railroads. These are mostly traders and purchased negatives and may be viewed here (81 images):

Another railroad has been completed in the J. David Ingles shortline collection: Davenport Rock Island & Northwestern (62 images):

Work will continue on most of the above collections.


We have many new galleries to introduce this month and a few additions to existing ones. As this is written, we now have over 63,000 images on line.

We are pleased to unveil the Ron Jones Collection, recently donated by Ray Buhrmaster. Ron was a Madison, Wisconsin resident who worked at Oscar Meyer, was a model railroader, and knew Stan Mailer. His photography supported his modeling activities. He photographed around the Madison area extensively in the 1940s and 1950s, but did travel around the U.S. and Canada. He recorded scenes and structures in addition to the usual locomotives and equipment. He shot exclusively 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 negatives (we call them “6×9” for the metric equivalent because it takes up less room in the filename). Ron’s 675 images are organized by railroad and may be viewed here:

We are very proud to announce the introduction of the Harry Evans Collection. Harry grew up in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois and currently resides in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. He shot 35mm color film from 1957 (at the age of 14) until the late 1990s with a several-decade hiatus after 1965, covering the usual subjects in the midwest. Harry was interested in steam but also focused on first generation diesels in their heyday. Harry has chosen Lake States as the new home for his collection of about 6,000 Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides. Work has begun on scanning and we will have monthly updates the rest of this year until his 6,000 slides are completed. Many of his Ektachromes are pre-E6 so they suffer from a color shift to red/pink. We are making our best effort to correct these. Thank you Harry for preserving railroading imagery as you saw it, and passing it on for future generations! You may view his main gallery at this link:

Work on the Stan Mailer collection, first introduced a month ago, has been completed. Two galleries have been added to finish off the collection:

C&NW (156 images):

Other (14 images):

More photos have been added to the North Shore gallery in the Ed Wilkommen 120-format Color Collection. As a reminder, if you want to see the newest uploads added to an existing gallery, the best way is to go to the gallery, then do a search for a word you know will be in all the files (e.g. “neg” or “wilkommen”) and then select Sort By: Newest.

A new gallery of photographs taken by H.L. McBride has been added to the Clint Jones Collection. Clint received these negatives (all 116 format, many are nitrate) from Mr. McBride’s widow in the 1960s. McBride worked as a motorman for the local trolley company in Marinette, Wisconsin in the 1920s. When the trolley closed shop in 1924, he documented the scrapping of the equipment and then hired on the C&NW as agent at the depot in town. He documented goings-on in the area over the years, including several derailments, and steam engines on their  final journey to the scrappers, dead in freight trains. We thank Clint for saving these older images. They may be viewed here:

The following new galleries have been added to the J. David Ingles Shortlines Collection:

Detroit Edison (their unit coal trains):

Kansas City Terminal:

Toledo Terminal:

Iowa traction roads Charles City Western, Iowa Terminal, and MC&CL:

The following new galleries have been added to the J. David Ingles Industrial Collection:

Detroit Edison (their local power plant switchers and operations):

The following new galleries have been added to the main J. David Ingles Collection:

Lake Superior & Ishpeming (155 images):

Minneapolis & St. Louis (67 images, mostly original slides):

Mike Raia has donated a large group of negatives from Lee Hastman. These were acquired by Mike’s dad Bill after Lee’s passing. They are diesel roster photographs, taken mostly by Lee himself, but does include some traders. Lee had separated out some scenes, structures, and equipment photos which we have begun scanning, but will leave the strictly roster images (1960s-1980s) for a later time. These will be incorporated into the existing Lee Hastman Collection but presented in separate galleries from negatives that were received directly from Lee Hastman’s estate. They will be identified by image numbers beginning with “2022.003.” The first completed gallery of these new scans is Work Equipment, which can be viewed here:

We have also returned to the Lee Hastman negatives already in our collection. These are mostly traders or purchased negatives of varying eras. So far, it appears there is not duplication with images received from Mike. These are organized by railroad, with negatives sorted by subject matter (steam, diesel, cars, structures) within each road. We may consolidate some of the smaller roads together (e.g. BRC/IHB/C&WI) so we don’t have too many galleries cluttering up your screen. Here are the first two that have been recently finished:

Milwaukee Road (213 images):

C&IM (30 images):

Some more all-new galleries have been added to the Bill Kuba Collection as follows:

Ann Arbor/Alton/Alton & Southern (the A’s, grouped together to save room):

Iowa Traction Roads:

Other Traction:

We recently discovered some more postcard-size negatives for railroads we thought we had finished off in the Bill Kuba collection. These have been added to the following existing galleries:

ICRR (1 image, here is the direct link):

MP (1 image, here is the direct link):

B&O (1 image, here is the direct link):

Wabash (1 image, here is direct link):

AT&SF (4 images):

Lastly, some new images have been added to existing galleries under the Miscellaneous Collection.

14 images (some publicity photos and older steam prints) were added to the Print Gallery:

1 image of a C&NW steam locomotive on turntable was added to the Cabinet Card gallery (direct link):

Work will continue on multiple collections with emphasis on Harry Evans.


This update includes some additions to existing galleries. While we try to complete galleries before going public with them to avoid the “search to find the latest” in galleries, sometimes this isn’t always possible. As a reminder to help find new images if you don’t want to look through the entire gallery, while it is not possible to view a gallery sorted by date of upload, there is a way to force showing a gallery with the newest uploads first. Go to the gallery you wish to view. Click on the search bar and enter text that you know appears in every file in that gallery (e.g. “bill kuba” or “neg”). Once the search completes, in the “Sort By” menu, select “Newest.” The search will then show results with the newest uploads first.

In the Ed Wilkommen Collection, photos have been added to the following existing galleries:

D&RGW Standard Gauge:

D&RGW Narrow Gauge:



Iowa Terminal

Mobile & Gulf (renamed to include K&T)

The following Ed Wilkommen galleries are ALL NEW:


Laona & Northern/LS&I/M&HM

Work continues on the Clint Jones Collection. We thank Clint for sharing his great imagery from the 1960s and 1970s, mostly taken during his career working on the Copper Range and C&NW. There will be more coming in the future. The following galleries are ALL NEW:



The following existing Clint Jones galleries have been added to:

Milwaukee Road (10 images)

Copper Range (18 images)

Soo Line:

We thought we had completed the Charles Stats Collection but found another folder of prints of the Virginia & Truckee. These have been scanned for a new gallery:

We are pleased to announce that the J. David Ingles Passenger Collection is now complete. over 3,000 images have been uploaded. Thanks goes out to the numerous passenger car experts who helped us out with metadata over the past several months. The following galleries are ALL NEW:


Miscellaneous and Unknown:

Private Varnish

Union Pacific

21 Long Island passenger car images were added to this existing gallery:

More all-new J. David Ingles Shortline/Industrial galleries have been added. They include:


Alton & Southern

Durham & Southern

Great Western


Apache Railway

Misc (Industrial)

Pullman-Standard (Industrial)

The main J. David Ingles Collection gallery has been updated and reorganized with 56 new images added to existing “Class I” galleries. These are from Dave’s B&W negatives that we have resumed processing. Thank you to Mike Raia for assisting on this project. There is a large amount of B&W negatives to curate. We will concentrate on scanning scenes, structures, action, trains, and other subject of interest. There will also be more miscellaneous Class I color slides. The main collection gallery is here:

The following main galleries are NEW:



The John S. Ingles Collection has been revisited. Some B&W prints with known provenance have been selected for scanning. Many of these are contact prints that were made from John’s negatives years ago. Since that time, the negatives have been lost. We went through all the contact prints to determine which ones did not have a negative and then scanned them and added to existing galleries:

AT&SF, B&O, C&NW, CRI&P, C&S, Traction, D&RGW, D&SL,GW, ICRR, KCS, CMStP&P, MP, Shortlines, NKP, and NYC in

With the processing of all the prints, the following new galleries have been created in the John S. Ingles Collection which include small groups of images moved from other galleries:


Soo Line


We are pleased to announce that we have received a small collection of original Stan Mailer negatives from Ray Buhrmaster. These represent Stan’s first work 1947-1951. Stan grew up in Madison, Wisconsin next to the ICRR’s line. Borrowing his mother’s car, he ventured to Freeport, Illinois to record the IC’s yard and activities there. He then expanded his coverage outside of Madison, covering the Soo, Milwaukee, and C&NW. We have completed all the negatives except for C&NW at this time. You can view the completed galleries here:

In conjunction with our latest newsletter covering the Sheffield Motor Car Company, we have completed the gallery of Sheffield and Eclipse motor cars. Most of these are prints recently donated by Fairbanks Morse in Beloit. We thank FM for their effort to preserve the history of Fairbanks Morse. The gallery is here:

56 more C&NW steam action negatives by Joe Sleger have been found in the Bill Kuba Collection. They have been scanned and added to the C&NW Action gallery:

And lastly, a small group of negatives of CB&Q motorcar 552, built by Edwards and short-lived, were donated by John Hallman. They have been added in the Miscellaneous gallery and can be seen here:

Work will continue on multiple collections.


Here are the latest uploads from Lake States. We have done some reorganizing of the Ed Wilkommen 120 format color scans to reflect the amount of material now presented for specific subject matter.

Canadian traction subjects have been combined into a single gallery and new scans added:

New scans have been added to the following existing galleries:


Traction Miscellaneous:

Canadian National:

North Shore:

Museums (one photo):

CWM Circus Train:

The Following are new Ed Wilkommen galleries:

D&RGW Standard Gauge:

Bevier & Southern:


The following railroads have been completed in the J. David Ingles Passenger Equipment Collection. We should have this group completed within the next month:

Rock Island:

Santa Fe:



Southern Pacific:

Pullman Company:


A new gallery of interlocking towers, crossing shanties/cabins, and yard towers from the J. David Ingles collection has been completed. It can be viewed here:

We are pleased to announce that we have begun processing shortline and industrial railroad images in the J. David Ingles collection. More will be added to these galleries for the next year at least. You can view the scans completed thus far in these new galleries:

Shortlines (687 images so far):

Industrial (137 images so far):

We will continue work on the Ed Wilkommen and J. David Ingles collections.


We are pleased to announce that the curated Charles Stats collection is now 100% complete. Here are new Stats galleries that are now available:

Over 700 images of structures are split into three groups as follows.

Depots and Freighthouses:

Interlocking Towers:

Other and Scenes:

Southern Pacific steam locomotives in color:

We have also added some photos to existing Charles Stats galleries (Traction and Steam), but most substantially Charles’ own photography of the Alaska Railroad in the 1950s. Several color slides plus 34 B&W views have been added to this gallery:

This past summer and fall, Phil Weibler donated additional materials from the CRI&P’s Mechanical Engineering Department. We have gone through the photographs and pulled new ones for scanning that had not been previously uploaded. The largest (and new) group are Rock Island’s motor cars. They can be seen here:

A few Pullman photos have been added to the B&S gallery which has been renamed as B&S/Pullman. You can see them at the existing link:

One photo of an interesting Frisco RPO combine was added to the “Other Railroads” gallery. This was an oversize builders photo print:

A small group of Bruce Meyer negatives of the Nevada Northern were recently received so we placed these in the scanning queue. They are now completed and in this gallery:

A few odds and ends have been added to the Miscellaneous gallery. One image from the Copper Range is in the glass plate gallery:

Four images have been added to the Miscellaneous Prints gallery:

LSRHA member Larry Foht recently donated a group of F.R. Ritzman negatives and prints that were not contained within the original collection that exists at Lake States. These are believed to have been sold or discarded by Ritzman many years ago and passed through several collectors before coming to Larry. They are now reunited with Ritzman’s main body of work. Thank you Larry for the donation. They can be viewed here:

Two years ago, we began the scanning of Ed Wilkommen’s 120-format color photography, but paused work as other collections demanded attention. We have now resumed work on this collection of mostly fantrips and traction subjects. While many of these images were scanned and uploaded two years ago, we had not officially gone public with the galleries. Several of these, particularly the North Shore, have been rescanned to improve color correction. Most of this collection was shot on Ektachrome and Anscochrome film in the early 1960s. Consequently, many images have suffered a moderate to severe color shift to red. We have made our best attempt to color-correct these in Photoshop. Here’s the link to the newly organized main gallery, including new scans and subjects:

We are pleased to announce the unveiling of a major new gallery in the J. David Ingles Collection: Passenger Cars. This collection of over 2,000 photographs of passenger cars from the 1950s until the Amtrak era is organized mostly by railroad or owner, and includes companies from across the country (CB&Q, AT&SF, UP and CRI&P are the largest). Most are roster photos, but there are some passenger train photos as well. Images are sorted first by car name alphabetically, then ascending car number, and lastly passenger trains/scenes. Uploading is about 50% complete at this time. We expect to have this finished in the next couple months. Here’s the link to the gallery as it currently stands:

Stay tuned for more uploads to the J. David Ingles passenger car collection, Ed Wilkommen 120-format color collection, and more. Have a great Holiday Season!


Here are the latest uploads. We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Fairbanks Morse Defense to present FM materials in our collections to the public. We will also be receiving new material from FM in the near future. Thus far, we have uploaded FM company photos of structures and facilities related to the steam era, plus some miscellaneous images. They can be seen in the new Fairbanks Morse gallery at this link:

We will soon be adding a comprehensive collection of Sheffield and Eclipse Motor Car photos. Locomotive builders photos are in progress and will be available next year. We thank Fairbanks Morse Defense for making company photography available today for future generations.

More photographs of miscellaneous railroads have been added to the F.R. Ritzman collection. New galleries include:



Fulton County Narrow Gauge (mostly copywork):


LS&I and Copper Range:

Addition photos were added to the following existing galleries:

Miscellaneous Locomotives (20 photos):

Miscellaneous Structures (28 photos):

We have also added some new images to the CRI&P Mechanical Engineering Collection. There is one entirely new gallery of motor cars which can be seen at this link:

The rest are in existing galleries. As a reminder to help find new images if you don’t want to look through the entire gallery, while it is not possible to view a gallery sorted by date of upload, there is a way to force showing a gallery with the newest uploads first. Go to the gallery you wish to view. Click on the search bar and enter text that you know appears in every file in that gallery (e.g. “bill kuba” or “neg”). Once the search completes, in the “Sort By” menu, select “Newest.” The search will then show results with the newest uploads first. With that in mind, here are the CRI&P galleries with new images added:

Cabooses and Work Equipment (14 photos):

Diesel Locomotives (7 photos):

Wooden Freight Cars (12 images):

Steam Locomotives (2 images):

Other Railroads (10 photos):

Passenger Cars (36 photos):

And lastly, we have made major additions to the Charles Stats. It is now over 95% complete. The following galleries are all new and can be viewed from the main Charles Stats link:

Cabooses; Diesel Locomotives; Motorcars/Equipment; P&PU; PRR/NYC; Shortlines/Industrials; Steam Locomotives and trains; Alaska Railroad (These photos were taken by Charles in the 1950s, starting during his service in the military); Chicago Railroad Fair (all in color); Canadian Railroads (color, including steam); C&IM; Ferdinand; HY&T/IM (in color); EJ&E/BRC/IHB; MT&W; Wabash; Soo Line; ICRR/GM&O; Milwaukee Road; C&WI; B&O/B&OCT; Traction.

We will be adding Structures/Scenes and SP galleries before the end of the year which will complete the Charles Stats collection.

We now have over 51,000 images on-line and are working on more to upload very soon, including more from the Clint Jones, J. David Ingles, and Fairbanks Morse collections.


While we try to finish an entire gallery or subject before making it public, sometimes additional photos are later found and added. Users have asked how they can find the latest photos added to a gallery. While it is not possible to view a gallery sorted by date of upload, there is a way to force showing a gallery with the newest uploads first. Go to the gallery you wish to view. Click on the search bar and enter text that you know appears in every file in that gallery (e.g. “bill kuba” or “neg”). Once the search completes, in the “Sort By” menu, select “Newest.” The search will then show results with the newest uploads first.

We have finished another new group of negatives from the Charles Stats collection. These were taken by Chicago resident and CERA member Raymond Colombe. He frequently rode on traction fantrips in the Chicago area. These photographs are from those trips from the 1930s until the 1960s. They can be viewed in this new gallery:

Clint Jones’ photography of the Copper Range for its last decade is featured in a new gallery under his collection. Clint cover the Copper Range from 1962 until the last run in October of 1972. Many were taken while he was working as a brakeman/trainman on the railroad. 268 photographs have been uploaded to this new gallery:

630 photographs of CB&Q steam locomotives taken by F.R. Ritzman are now completed and on-line. These are arranged by numerical engine number, but in two groups. The smaller negatives are in the first group while postcard and 5×7 negs are in the second group Here is the link to the new gallery:

Several groups of Kuba collection photographs have been added:

NKP diesel locomotives and trains (96 images in a new gallery):

Pere Marquette steam locomotives and trains (58 images in a new gallery):

Peoria & Pekin Union steam locomotives have been uploaded to a new gallery. Previous diesel locomotive views that were in a different gallery have been moved here so that the P&PU is all in one place. It can be viewed here:

Standard gauge steam locomotives of the D&RGW (139 images) have been added to the existing gallery to join the narrow gauge locomotives:

Two new galleries have been added to the J. David Ingles collection. Dave and his dad John took many photos of lineside signals in their travels. These can be viewed here:

Snowplows and flangers are in this new gallery:

Lastly, 269 images were added to the existing cabooses gallery, starting with 2021.004.C.576, in the middle of the Pennsy cabs. Most of the caboose gallery is in alphabetical order by railroad (mostly), but at the end are 123 photos of cabooses on hindend of freight trains and a few miscellaneous freight scenes. The completed gallery is here:

We are continuing work on the Charles Stats, Ritzman, J. David Ingles, and Clint Jones collections, so stay tuned for the next upload announcement in about a month or so.


In the John Ingles collection, we have scanned an old photo album of company photography from the Detroit Toledo & Ironton Railroad. John worked for the DT&I for a number of years in the Detroit area. The photos can be viewed here:

Some new galleries have been added to the Charles Stats collection. Charles served in the military in Alaska in the 1950s. This cemented a strong interest in the Alaska Railroad. Charles made many trips on the railroad (these photographs will eventually be posted), but he also collected information on the railroad. He was able to save files from the US Army, which we have scanned and can be seen here:

Charles’ collecting had a wide range of interest. Here is a small collection of Iowa traction photographs, mostly roster photos of equipment:

Real photo postcards and cabinet cards from the Charles Stats collection have been scanned and can be seen here:

We are continuing to work on the Charles Stats collection and will have more posted for the next update.
Two more galleries are now completed for the Ritzman CB&Q collection. Diesel Locomotives and motorcars can be seen here:

Freight and work equipment (including cabooses) are here:

One photo has been added to the Glenn Guerra collection:

Three photos have been added to the the Miscellaneous Cabinet Cards collection. They can be viewed starting here:

A large new gallery of caboose photos have been added to the J. Daivd Ingles collection. So far we have uploaded 565 photos. We will be adding one last batch to this gallery for the next update. The gallery can be viewed here:

And lastly, we have started another large gallery of photos and presenting them now to get you started. Bill Kuba’s colllection of Rock Island steam locomotives is large and comprehensive. Here is the 524 images:

Enjoy and stay tuned. Many more uploads coming soon!


We are pleased to introduce the J. David Ingles Collection of mostly color photography. Dave is well known to many as longtime Kalmbach editor of various magazines such as TRAINS, Classic Trains, and TRAINS Illustrated, prolific journalist/author/photographer, and slide trader (WGRF). We have started with several subjects that were easily scanned, including a small sampling of his lesser-known B&W work. We will be adding to this gallery going forward as Lake States has received thousands of slides and negatives from Dave’s estate. Slides will be curated based on photographer or source, and our criteria will evolve as we work through this large collection. Over 800 images are now on-line:

A small collection of B&W negatives in the Kevin Musser collection have been scanned and uploaded. Kevin was an upper Michigan historian concentrating on mining and the railroads that served them (e.g. Copper Range, C&H, etc):
Another batch of Kuba negatives have been completed. This time the subject is Wabash diesels:
Continuing our work on the Charles Stats collection, we present more Don Davis slide scans, this time of miscellaneous topics. There’s much 1950s era steam here:
A small group of Clint Jones negatives have been added to his gallery. The subjects are Soo Line and LS&I:
More Ritzman CB&Q negs have been complete. You can view the new CB&Q passenger equipment gallery here:
A new gallery of photos have been added to the John S. Ingles collection. These 8×10 professionally photographed prints were contained in two vintage photo albums that appear to be documentation of grade crossing protection along the C&NW and CNS&M in the Glencoe and Kenilworth area in 1929-1930. We are guessing that John received these as an official of the ICRR:
Lastly, we found a few more Yungmeyer negatives in the Charles Stats files. They are views of the Chicago Short Line and the Ferdinand Railroad in Indiana. They can be found in the existing Yungmeyer gallery:
The Chicago Short Line photos start here. There are six total:
The Ferdinand Railroad photo is here:
Stay tuned for many more uploads coming soon. We’re working on more Ritzman CB&Q, Clint Jones, Bill Kuba, Dave Ingles, and Charles Stats.


Bill Kuba amassed a substantial comprehensive collection of Wabash steam locomotive negatives. They are now all scanned and uploaded, 233 images total:

Another group of Ritzman CB&Q negatives are scanned and uploaded. This time it is right-of-way scenes:

On May 1st, we received a large collection of materials from the Charles Stats estate. Charles was a Chicago resident who was an avid researcher and collector. He accumulated several photo collections over the years. We will work our way through these and make them available one at a time. The first is the Rock Island Railroad photos of Don Davis. He was a tower operator on the Rock and had special access to company locations. The Don Davis Rock Island collection is here:

Also in the Charles Stats collection is the photography of D.W. “Doc” Yungmeyer. His negatives are mostly “people” photos of employees and railfans posing with steam locomotives. Doc was an excellent photographer, shooting in the postcard format. His small collection of images are a wonderful record of a narrow time period. You can view them here:


More additions to the Bill Kuba collection include Colorado & Southern steam and diesel:

Lake Superior & Ishpeming steam and diesel:

DSS&A/E&LS/Copper Range:

LSRHA board member Clint Jones has initiated donation of his B&W negatives taken in the 1960s and 1970s. Clint got his start on the Milwaukee Road in the mid-1960s, riding many passenger trains to visit relatives in the Upper Peninsula. He enjoyed special access to the shops at Milwaukee as an employee. We are pleased to present the first gallery of several to come in the future: The Milwaukee Road:

We were honored to be chosen as the new home of the John S. Ingles (father of famed railfan journalist J. David Ingles) photographic collection earlier this spring. We have scanned all of John’s B&W negatives and they are now on-line. John photographed mostly locomotives, but he used the postcard format early on and traveled extensively in the 1930s. In the future, there will be a few color slides to add, but for the most part, the collection is complete here. Over 1,000 images:

We are working on more Ritzman CB&Q, Kuba, Clint Jones and some new collections for the next upload.


Bruce Meyer’s Western Pacific collection is a smaller one, but contains some interesting views:

Glenn Guerra donated a significant collection of real photo postcards, press release photos, and older prints and negatives to Lake States several years ago. We have curated the collection for scanning and present it to you now. It contains many older builders photos, including a sales album used one hundred years ago. Thank you Glenn for making this donation:

The Bruce Black collection contains mostly newer roster photos of diesels. However, we recently uncovered a small cache of older slides of MILW electrics plus some B&W negatives of the SOO Line. Bruce was a quality photographer and we felt it was worthwhile to present them here:

We continue to work on the Kuba collection. Here are the latest selections:
Northern Pacific diesels and trains:

Lake Superior & Ishpeming steam and diesels:

Illinois Central diesels and trains:

And lastly, but not leastly, Ray Buhrmaster has donated the CB&Q negatives from the F.R. Ritzman collection. We have begun to scan these and integrate them into the existing Ritzman collection. We are thrilled to have these join Mr. Ritzman’s other work already scanned and thank Ray very much for his thoughtful donation. We have kicked this off with CB&Q structures. Here is the gallery with over 500 images:


CGW Steam Locomotives and Trains, 75 images, organized in numerical locomotive number. Mostly roster shots but a few action for good measure:

Rock Island Diesel Locomotives and Trains. Switchers are in a separate gallery, all organized in numerical locomotive number. A nice variety of over 500 images, with many photos taken in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa where Bill Kuba lived. There are also a large number of trader negatives. The photographer is identified in [brackets] if known:

A handful of postcard-size negatives were added to the GB&W Gallery:

D&RGW Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives and Trains. These are original negatives so there are many views not seen before, despite the wide and common coverage of the narrow gauge. We will be adding standard gauge steam to this gallery soon:

CStPM&O Locomotives and Trains. Nearly 120 images here, mostly steam. The few diesel images were moved from the C&NW gallery so that all the Omaha Road photos are now in one location:

There will be more Kuba galleries coming soon.

Lastly, we have a small addition to the Lee Hastman collection. We have found a few more boxes of prints in the Lee Hastman Collection. One had several folders of builders photos (prints), many mounted as cabinet cards. We present them here in a new gallery:

There will be more ICRR company photography coming soon.


Texas & Pacific steam engines were added to diesels. This gallery is now complete. A nice selection of handsome power over the years:

Early Baltimore & Ohio diesels are now complete. This includes first-generation models from the 1930s to late 1950s. We won’t be scanning anything more modern than that era at this time:

Steam and diesels of the Fort Worth & Denver are now complete. Not too many views, but this was a smaller arm of the Burlington empire:

CB&Q steam locomotives are complete. This is a large collection of over 450 images, arranged in numerical order by engine number. You can also search by class within the gallery:

There is a small collection of Canadian Pacific equipment from the 1950s, mostly work and tourist passenger equipment, all taken by Ernie Plant in the Vancouver area. Bill purchased or traded these negatives from Mr. Plant. There is a large quantity of CP steam negs also by Mr. Plant that will be scanned at a later date. For now though, you can enjoy these:

More Kuba material will be coming soon. Enjoy!


Here are the latest uploads, all from the William S. Kuba collection. The locomotive photographs are presented in numerical engine number as they were organized by Mr. Kuba.

A nice collection of first generation early Santa Fe diesels:

More early diesels, this time on the Missouri Pacific:

A mostly first generation era of diesels on the CB&Q:

And diesel switcher locomotives on the CB&Q:

We have also started a gallery of shortline/industrial/terminal railroads. Bill collected quite a variety of railroads, and there are many odds and ends within his collection. We will be adding more to this gallery in the future:

More to come soon.


More uploads from the William S. Kuba Collection. Milwaukee Road diesel locomotives and trains (switchers are in a separate gallery):

Steam locomotives have been added to the Minneapolis & St Louis gallery which now is complete. Some interesting older views here:

We have scanned early UP diesel locomotives plus some miscellaneous units:

Green Bay & Western and Ahnapee & Western steam and diesel locomotives and trains:

Steam locomotives have been added to the Gulf Mobile & Ohio gallery. It is now complete:


We are pleased to announce a new collection of photographs. William S. Kuba donated his B&W negative collection to Lake States in 2013. It is a large collection of over 40,000 negatives of U.S. railroads, steam and diesel eras, with emphasis on the Midwest. Bill lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We have begun work on some area roads and others of interest and will be adding more in the near future. Our focus is on steam and first generation diesel up to the 1970s. Later era diesels will not be scanned at this time.

The main collection is here:

C&NW road diesels are finished. They are here:

Bill purchased a series of postcard size negatives from a Cedar Rapids local photographer by the name of Joseph Sleger. These date from the 1930s and 1940s and feature some great action views. The vast majority are C&NW which are in a gallery by themselves. Other roads such as Rock Island will be integrated in with the main collection.

C&NW is here:

Rock Island is here (main collection photos will be added to this gallery later):

Bill mostly photographed and collected locomotives and trains. There is however a collection of interesting structure photos.

C&NW is here:

Other roads are here:

Bill’s early photography featured more candid scenes around the Cedar Rapids area. He was 13-15 years old at the time. We are calling these “snapshot scenes.” We have finished the C&NW negatives, they are featured here:


The Phil Weibler Rock Island wooden/heavyweight passenger car gallery is now complete. There are 450 photos here:

Also check out the Bruce Meyer ICRR steam locomotive galleries as we have completed nearly 800 images there. Sometime in the future, we will return to scan more of these:

We have redesigned our website and now have a new page to introduce you to our On-Line Photo Archive. Here is the link:

Photo Archive Page


The Clint Jones Collection is a new addition that will be growing in the future. So far we have some miscellanous images, most notably a small group of Soo Line negatives by Virgil Jackson taken at North Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

The biggest addition of late is the Rock Island Mechanical Dept. files, donated by Phil Weibler. We have begun scanning the photos in this collection, which are numerous. These were files that were kept at Silvis until the mid-1960s when they were discarded. Luckily, Phil intercepted them before they hit the garbage dumpster. So far we have finished everything except the Rock Island’s passenger cars, which are currently in progress. Lots to see here:

Some RPPC’s from Dave Conrad have been added to Misc. gallery:

One color cabinet card in Misc gallery:

Some 30 eastern road miscellaneous view added to Misc. gallery:

And lastly, we have begun scanning Illinois Central steam locomotives in the Bruce Meyer Collection. We will work on these intermittently as there is a large quantity. We will concentrate on Bruce’s own views which include some interesting action scenes and detail photos. Over 400 have been finished so far. There will be some more added here in the next week or so.


About 1,353 photos (not quite 1,385) have been added.

Bruce Meyer:

D&RGW narrow gauge:

D&RGW standard gauge:

ICRR Passenger trains:

ICRR Freight trains:

NKP Locomotives (mostly steam):

Lee Hastman C&EI:


CB&Q Fairmont Speeders:

and two photos were added under “prints:”


It’s been awhile since the last notice of an upload. We’ve been busy, but on major projects so it takes awhile to accumulate enough of a group of photos to say they are done. Tonight is one such occasion. We are pleased to announce that the Lee Hastman collection of ICRR Company Photography (prints) is now ready for public viewing, nearly 1,400 photos:

A very few of these are already seen in the 8×10 glass plate and sheet film galleries, but the rest are new to the site.

Also, we have finished the Lee Hastman ICRR steam locomotive (prints) collection which can be seen here:

These are mostly older photographs, some interesting views.


This time around it is Bruce Meyer. The following have been finished.

NKP Locomotives (more steam will be coming soon), 170 negs:

South Shore, 69 negs:

Added more to North Shore, 77 negs total:

Shortlines (more will be added to this down the road), only 12 negs for now:

added more to GB&W, now up to 120 total negs:

C&NW Locomotives, 146 negs:

C&NW Trains and Equipment, 192 negs:

Plus there are new galleries for the following roads starting out with a small number of negs and will have more added down the road: GTW, MP, WAB, WP.


Here are the latest uploads, mostly minor stuff and odds and ends.

Added 36 negs (including three glass plates) to the Phil Weibler Misc gallery:

Added 18 photos to the Lee Hastman ICRR Structures/Scenes gallery:

Added 3 RPPC’s from Lee Hastman in the Misc RPPC Gallery:

Added 4 copy negs to Lee Hastman ICRR steam:

The following are new galleries in the Lee Hastman collection:

PCC&StL Brighton Park IL cabinet cards (45 images):

NKP (47 images):

Chicago Passenger Terminals (51 images):

If you want to see the latest uploads in a gallery, the best way is to go to the gallery, then do a search for a word you know will be in all the files (e.g. “neg” or “hastman”) and then select Sort By: Newest.


This latest batch is from the Bruce Meyer collection, over 900 photos added. The new galleries are:


Omaha Road

GM&O, structures, trains, and locomotives

Rock Island passenger trains

Illinois Terminal (old photos from 1920s)

North Shore (old photos, some glass plates)

Photos were added to the following existing galleries:

GB&W (4 freight shots with an Alco FA)

GTW Trains (5 pics)

Here is the link to the main Bruce Meyer page:


We are pleased to announce the next batch of uploads. We have been concentrating on the Lee Hastman collection of late. We just finished his Illinois Central material, mostly traders and purchased B&W negatives in a wide range of time periods and subjects. There are 9 separate ICRR galleries by subject, a total of about 1,000 images. You can access them from the main Lee Hastman page here:

Also note that C&NW and CMO are complete, in case I didn’t get the word out on those earlier. Will keep you all posted on further uploads as they are completed.


Here’s our latest weekly upload to keep you from going coronavirus crazy: Ohio Falls and AC&F gallery, thanks to generous donation from Glenn Guerra. Enjoy!


Here’s the latest on new uploads. The Bruce Meyer collection is ready for public unveiling. There’s nearly 800 images now uploaded. There will be many more in the future, this is just a small part of the collection that is housed as Baraboo. We will continue to curate selections that we think will be of interest to the community. You can view it here:

We have also added more CB&Q images in the Lee Hastman collection in two new galleries titled Passenger Equipment and Cabooses/Work Equipment. Some metadata has been added to the existing Steam and Diesel galleries, and the “Other” gallery has been totally redone. View here: